Mark rants about the stupid price of phones and how he is an adult male.

Mark blabs about leaving his child to watch Mr. Brian Regan and how he has a love/hate relationship with Twin Peaks.

Mark yaps about how Costco saved his life and how raising a baby is impossible.

Mark rants about people being rude to him and how awesome the Irish are.

Mark yells about his gym screwing over himself, his child, and his car. He also gives “I’m Dying Up Here” another chance.

Mark yaps about comics trying to navigate a PC world.

Mark yells about a horrific human being who lives in his building, trying to prepare meals for his baby, and how Master of None is a romantic comedy.

Mark yaps about his new disease, new doctors, and his first two days as a full-time dad.

Mark’s wife is headed back to work leaving him with a baby that he fears he will ruin. Mark also gets a health update from his endocrinologist.

Mark meets his new neighbours and talks about his wife bringing their 11 month old to the dentist.

Mark angrily blabs about his apartment leaking, cherry-picking documentaries, and being radioactive.

Mark yaps about his hospital visit, training his baby to become a push-up champion, and half watching a documentary.

Mark talks about his upcoming hospital visit, the movie, “The Edge”, and the potential death of Soundcloud.

Mark drones about people patting themselves on the back, the pitfalls of comedy festivals, and bro-country.

Mark blabs about coming home after two weeks in a house better than his. He also considers the possibility that country music is not total garbage.

Mark blathers about Mask Boulder Hill, hanging out a cabin with his friends and trying to protect his son from cracking his head off the floor.

Mark blabs about his neighbour moving and how African workers listen to comedians on their cell phones.

Mark yaps about going back to open mics and finding out all the white people he knows are racist.

Mark rants about the conspiracy of the car seat and baby stroller lobby trying to force him to buy a new SUV.

Mark spews nonsense about The Stanley Cup finals, babies attacking each other, and his temporary alliance with beardy

Mark screams about trying to send his kid to daycare, his obsession with Westworld, and idiots who cheat on their wives. He also gets super embarrassed when a lady catches him recording his podcast in his car.

Mark has fun yelling about how much new country music sucks, Shania Twain, and how you should always buy what everyone else buys.

Mark yaps about how stand up Jim Carrey’s new show, “I’m Dying Up Here” and how stand up comedy is about to get very bad.

Mark yells about drunk people in a grocery store, getting up early, and confronting a lunatic in a parking lot.

Mark talks to an idiot in an elevator and he disappoints his wife on her first mother’s day.

Mark talks about kids’ daycare and the bidet Nick The Bodybuilder has recently acquired.

Mark rants about the importance of work / family balance, the French election, and finding the lord in his garden.

Mark provides updates on his gym bros, their enemy, and his ridiculous bone disease.

Mark unintentionally rants about religion and his super old french poodle, and the new Heineken ad.

Mark drinks way too many light beers with his special guest, Elvira Kurt – who just happens to be one of the most popular comedians in Canada. Listen to their drunken ramblings in a pub in exotic Cornwall!!

Mark yaps about being a useless idiot who can’t hang shelves, but then has a change of heart and decides that life is wonderful.

Mark and comic Ryan Maglunob do a podcast while they drive to a potential disaster of a gig at a fancy golf resort. How does it all end?? Tune in to find out!!

Mark yaps about going to a comedy hangout, his horrible socializing skills, and moms at the swimming pool.

Mark gets the living bejesus scared out of him with an emergency and also he realizes he may have eaten bugs.

Mark blabs about belly-fat, ministers, and festivals that hate him.

Mark yammers on about award shows, Nazi-haircuts, and houses that cost a zillion dollars.

Mark is interrupted by his needy baby as he tries to explain that he is clearly dumb enough to appeal to the YouTube generation.

Mark blabs about vaccines, creepy children’s entertainers, and threesomes involving bodybuilders.

Mark has a rare guest and it is one of Canada’s finest exports – his friend, Debra DiGiovanni. They blab about their gig in Sarnia, theatre shows, Satan worship, and having a performance go off the rails.

Mark yells about motivational podcaster Jess Lively and cats dry-humping mattresses.

Mark talks about how therapy doesn’t work and why calling someone charming is an insult.

In this special episode, Mark yells about a fight that happened in the gym between a personal trainer and a customer!! Dis shizzle cray cray.

In this episode Mark yells at a furniture lady, has his faith in humanity restored, and then watches someone almost get kicked out of the gym for being “too nice”. It’s a freaking whirlwind.

Mark yaps about Valentines Day, Tina Fey, getting fake listens, and his demon baby.

Mark blabs about open mics, consistency, and Tony Robbins.

Mark rants and raves about doing an awful show for a bunch of Christians.

Mark yammers on about buying a dog from the Amish and other such nonsense.

Mark yaps about being on the road, spending the week in a condo with two other comics, and being immediately forgotten by the audience.