Mark yells about motivational podcaster Jess Lively and cats dry-humping mattresses.

Mark talks about how therapy doesn’t work and why calling someone charming is an insult.

In this special episode, Mark yells about a fight that happened in the gym between a personal trainer and a customer!! Dis shizzle cray cray.

In this episode Mark yells at a furniture lady, has his faith in humanity restored, and then watches someone almost get kicked out of the gym for being “too nice”. It’s a freaking whirlwind.

Mark yaps about Valentines Day, Tina Fey, getting fake listens, and his demon baby.

Mark blabs about open mics, consistency, and Tony Robbins.

Mark rants and raves about doing an awful show for a bunch of Christians.

Mark yammers on about buying a dog from the Amish and other such nonsense.

Mark yaps about being on the road, spending the week in a condo with two other comics, and being immediately forgotten by the audience.